Tersane Istanbul, 07-10 October 2021

Continuing to support the art market in Turkey, Contemporary Istanbul’s 16th edition, brings together leading galleries at the Tersane Istanbul with 2 days of VIP previews on both October 5 to 6 followed by general admission from October 7 to 10, 2021.

Contemporary Istanbul the leading annual art fair of the region is counting down for its 16th edition. Contemporary Istanbul, which will open its doors for the 16th time, meets with art lovers at its new and special venue, Tersane Istanbul, between 7-10 October 2021. Tersane Istanbul, which will become one of the new landmarks of Istanbul and an important meeting point for the people of the region, is the most important renewal and regional development project in the field of culture and arts that have been brought to Istanbul in recent years.

The fair, which will be held in Shipyard Istanbul for the first time this year, will bring contemporary art together with the audience in history with the change of venue. The fair opens a new space for the contemporary art world by moving to the Golden Horn district, one of the most important locations in both Istanbul and the world, which has been known for countless mythological stories and legends throughout history. Bringing together galleries from many parts of the world, Contemporary Istanbul addresses the rising dynamic contemporary art scene of Istanbul and the healing power of art from a brand new perspective.

16. Contemporary Istanbul will open its doors to visitors on October 5-10 at Shipyard Istanbul, which has an important place in Istanbul's cultural heritage and is known as a regional renovation and restoration project involving the Camialtı and Taşkızak Shipyards. This year, for the first time, with the Focus Russia project, Moscow and St. In the fair, which will host contemporary art galleries, artists, and collectors from St. Petersburg, Moma, and Garage Museum of Contemporary Art will also take place in the museums section.

Akbank Chair Suzan Sabancı Dinçer said that: “This year, special efforts were made to bring art lovers together at Tersane Istanbul, which has an important place in Istanbul’s cultural heritage. This year will be quite different, not only because of the change of venue but also because of the relative normalization of life.”

Contemporary Istanbul Board Chair Ali Güreli said that: “We will bring together the artists, participants, and collectors with culture, art, technology at Tersane Istanbul, the biggest regional renovation project of recent years. In the 16th year, we will host more foreign press members in Istanbul during the fair, together with the Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency. They will visit not only the fair but also Istanbul.”

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