Resort style luxury

To provide a satisfactory mix of hospitality, living, and retail spaces, Tersane Istanbul will feature four luxury hotels with 1100 rooms, including Rixos Tersane as the flagship of the group. Meanwhile, serviced apartments ranging from lofts to seaside mansions will become an attractive opportunity for those who would like to call Tersane Istanbul “home.” Each hotel at Tersane Istanbul will have a distinctive character and cater to a wide array of tastes. Providing resort-style luxury, these hotels will be inspired by the local culture, history, as well as community spirit of the area.

Four international high-end hotel brands will be introduced at the waterfront of Tersane Istanbul. One will revive old European charm with its ultra-luxury boutique setting, while its serviced seaside pavilions will set a new standard for hospitality in Istanbul.

The second hotel will be part of a 5-star luxury hotel chain, with a more contemporary and resort-like feel, featuring its own branded apart units that would provide the perfect refuge from bustling city life for the globetrotting, trendsetting clientele.

The third hotel of the collection will provide the perfect wellness retreat at its secluded hilltop position overlooking the Ottoman gardens of Aynalıkavak Pavilion. The guests of this hotel will also have easy access to the Luxury Plaza, where the best international and local fashion brands are clustered.

Highly exclusive collection of luxury hotels

The pedestrian-friendly design

Tersane Istanbul’s well-thought landscape will allow the guests of all hotels on the ground to enjoy the exceptional beauty and tranquility of the waterfront.

At the heart of a new cultural hub

Several cultural activities, great food, and shopping outlets are just a few delightful steps away for the hotel guests at Tersane Istanbul.

A true flagship: Rixos Tersane

Rixos Tersane will soon join the highly exclusive array of luxury hotels lined up along the coastal strip of Istanbul. Although currently the only Istanbul outpost of Rixos Hotels is located in Pera, Rixos Tersane will be the true flagship of the group upon opening its doors, as the hotel will have several unmatched features.
Promising an unforgettable experience for its guests, the hotel will stand out with the depth of its architectural concept, offering a great variety of room types, of which the majority will have sea views. The hotel will also be home to restaurants and social spaces scattered around a collection of converted brick and stone warehouses, and a state-of-the-art main building with uninterrupted views of the Old City and the Golden Horn.

Serviced apartments

The 5-star serviced apartments of hotels at Tersane Istanbul would be the perfect choice for extended stay guests, who would like to have exclusive access to hotel amenities.

The new 5-star serviced units of Tersane Istanbul will revive the ages-old art of living by the water—which Istanbul residents have taken to a whole new level. Residing in one of the yali (seaside) apartments of Tersane Istanbul would rival the pleasure of living in an exquisite Ottoman summer mansion along the Bosphorus.
The fully serviced furnished apartments will offer seamless indoor-outdoor living, just 10 m away from the water. Their open-concept layout with smaller kitchens will allow yali owners to take advantage of the leasing services provided, while the social facilities of an adjacent 5-star hotel will be just a pleasant stroll away.

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